Castle Tower.

A fantasy castle built in 1626 by Sir Thomas Morgan, a stop-over for King Charles 1st raising support for the Battle of Naseby, and later home to the Tredegar family when it saw its heyday as a beautiful Victorian country estate. The Castle itself has been tragically destroyed twice by fire since its construction; once in 1785 and later in 1941 when British Soldiers were billeted there during the War. The damage sustained in the later fire devastated the building and as a result it has been left overgrown and deteriorating for over 70 years.

Overlooking the fiord.

Walking on the Ice.

Another Panoramic view. The fiord in Risor. 

I visited Norway recently. Stayed in a small place in the South called Risor. This is a view of the town from the surrounding hills made from 3 separate images. 

…dropping balls.

It always rains at Wimbledon.

Going to get back to posting real soon.